Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Quinn is an absolute joy! He smiles, giggles, is very curious, he's quite an eater, sleeps well, and really likes our iPhones - especially the camera, he loves taking pictures! He arranges objects all over our room, a photographer in the making. At the same time he is quite shy. He repeats words that we say and each day he talks a little more even though we can't understand what he's saying, Ha! We're doing quite well communicating through hand gestures. We've had several appointments and interviews. We took him swimming yesterday in the hotel pool and it was obviously his first time. He kept giggling. Sam was holding him as we were watching Bereket swim around under the water. All of a sudden Quinn stuck his face under the water like Bereket was, but his eyes and mouth were wide open, that was a little bit of a shock for him.
On Friday we have a free day and we will spend it at the Safari Park Zoo. We're all looking forward to that. The four other families will be coming to Guangzhou with their children on Friday also and we are excited to reunite with them.
The orphanage gave us a flash drive with many pictures of Quinn as he was growing up. I was amazed and thrilled to receive these. I couldn't hold back the tears. He was a beautiful baby, an adorable toddler, I find it hard to believe that he wasn't adopted earlier in his life but I am humbled and honored that God chose us and we get to call him, son. It is official as of yesterday, he is Quinn Ji Lee Bennett!


Our "Gotcha" Day

Taking pictures.

It's official! Quinn Ji Lee Bennett


Looney Tunes!

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  1. So glad that I got to read this. So happy for you. Love the pictures. Will keep sending prayers up.